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StreetArt – meanwhile in deepest east anglia,
thunderbirds were go /// REPORT

Dienstag, Juni 7th, 2011

Here is the Photo-Report from the actual Streetart Exhibition in the Von der Heydt-Kunsthalle. The Exhibition is showing a nice collection of actual street artists – Ash, Herbert Baglione, Boxi, Brad Downey, Ben Eine, Faith47, Boris Hoppek, JR, Mark Jenkins, Os Gêmeos, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Zezão. Some of the works harmonize quite good with the unemotional surrounding of the gallery, but others doesn´t really fit in there. They need the urban gallery… the street!

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StreetArt – meanwhile in deepest east anglia,
thunderbirds were go

Freitag, Mai 27th, 2011
more info´s (& maybe some pictures) will come…

“I HAVE A DREAM” – Suki Bamboo

Samstag, November 3rd, 2007


“I HAVE A DREAM” – the wonderful world of Suki Bamboo || 9.11.07 – 22.12.07

Vernissage: 9.11.2007 – 19-23h || mit DJ Philipp Otterbach || im Pretty Portal

Suki Bamboo, die sich auf Illustrationen spezialisiert hat, bringt Drucke auf Holz und Leinwand aus der Schweiz mit.

“Wrekage” by Keep Adding

Donnerstag, Oktober 18th, 2007


…just found a nice installation work by the Santa Fe-based art collective Keep Adding. They did it in 2006, adapted from an earlier project in a burned-down building they´ve found in New Mexico. The collective has recreated it´s fire-damaged look in this architectual installation and added mixed mediums like lcd-screens & audio.

// via: apple pro // photos by: Bill Stengel // Wrekage photoset on Flickr //


// preview from the Wrekage DVD documentary > (weiterlesen …)

“Hit Your Hood” | Vernissage | Pics

Samstag, September 22nd, 2007

006_220907_hood_01.jpg  006_220907_hood_02.jpg

…here are some pics from the “Hit Your Hood” Opening. There are a couple of pretty pieces to see. Even more more than these here, so go and visit the Pretty Portal.

…damn, i really love these animal characters!

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